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Author: Wade O. Heath

Wade Heath, a newspaper columnist for more than a decade, former Disneyland Resort Senior Leader, Walt Disney Legacy Award Winner, and the current host of The Kingdom Report, proudly presents his debut book.

"Stand Alone: The Walt Disney Way" is a self-help journey guide that leverages a historical perspective on the life lessons of Walt Disney.

The book emphasizes the inherent power we possess as individuals to overcome significant challenges, even when the path forward may be invisible to others.

Rediscover inspiration through the life of Walt Disney all over again!

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What Readers are Saying...

Advance Review Highlights of Stand Alone: The Walt Disney Way

"A refreshing look at the life of Walt Disney through the lens of some of his most challenging times. This book encourages us to recognize we are more alike than we are different and we are all trying to find our way to happily ever after."


Jessica Mendez


"Much has been written about Walt Disney but few have captured the essence of just how plagued the man was by set backs and struggle like this book has. The author provides Disney's life lessons as a road map for the reader to overcome their own struggles. It was a joy to read for the Walt Disney fan in me but it was an uplifting read for the dreamer in me who still dreams."


Avery Acosta-Jennings